10 Horrible Diseases Caused By Smoking

Smoking begins from experimentation with cigarettes by teenagers who smoke in order to look cool, stylish and sexy but gradually they become dependent both physically and psychologically on cigarettes. Cigarette and other forms of tobacco contain many toxic chemicals including nicotine and carbon monoxide. These toxins are extremely dangerous to human health and are carcinogenic and damaging to human tissues.

Following is a short account of 10 most horrible diseases caused by smoking.

10. Gum Disease

Smoking can inflict serious damage and disease to oral mucosa and gums because it leads to deposition of toxins over gums and mucosa causing their staining. This deposition of toxins damages the local tissues, reduces the blood supply and leads to impaired healing. Hence any treatment for these problems does not work until the affected person quits the smoking otherwise problems become aggravated, which can eventually cause loss of teeth.

09. Blindness

Recent research has revealed that smoking also contributes towards blindness by atrophy of muscles leading to degeneration of macula and by reducing blood supply leading to degeneration of retina.

08. Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking causes narrowing of blood vessels including that of penis resulting in erectile dysfunction and hence leading to impotence. Although erectile dysfunction does not shorten one’s life but as most men will agree that it will be deadly to their quality of life.

07. Diabetes Mellitus

Not only the risk of developing diabetes is increased manifold by smoking but also that of developing secondary complications of diabetes like heart disease, vascular disease, stroke, kidney disease, eye disease and foot problems.

06. Hypertension

Smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels resulting in increased blood pressure, which leads to increased risk of heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and stroke.

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  1. eyalshukrun says:

    if the health association is so smart why didn’t they stop the move beetwen cigar smoking to ciggarrts so long ago now they just having fun watching poor people like me who started smoking while they don’t and making us as we are leperds sanding us to smoke in glass rooms and even now don’t you should prevented that earlier in the 20 you didn’t so shut up

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