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How To Live Longer——10 Strange Ways

All those who want to live a really long and healthy life already must have been practicing all the requirements including safe, healthy and nutritious diet in appropriate amounts along with adequate exercise, multivitamins and antioxidants. However all those who desperately want to live a really really longer and healthier life will have to go a yard extra in the form of following 10 strange ways to live longer.

10. Living Long By Learning A New Language


Good brain function is an important ingredient of healthy longevity. Ability to speak 2 or more languages ensures good brain function. This ability delays the onset of Dementia (loss of memory due to old age) and Alzheimer’s (Loss of memory due to disease mostly during middle age). Studies have proven that both these conditions can be delayed by at least 5 years if the person in question possesses the ability to speak 2 or more languages.


9. Starve To Smartness

Low calorie diet results in long healthy life and delays the signs of ageing like insulin resistance and elevated blood pressure. It has been proved in animals that if they are kept hungry while provided all the essential nutrients then they live longer. Now humans are also trying low calorie diets by stopping eating short of being full and it has resulted in many beneficial health effects.


8. Being Religious

A few studies have proven that those who follow some religion live longer than atheists. This might either be due to stronger social support among the religious communities or due to direct divine intervention.


7. Dwell On Mountains

It is now a proven fact that communities living on mountains live longer as compared to those living in the plains. A good proportion of these communities live to be 100 or more and living examples are high-country Colorado counties and tiny communities of Sardinia. This long-life effect of living on heights could be due to fresh mountain air or due to good work out given to your heart by uphill walk or because of both the reasons.


6. Gene Therapy

Although not available for human beings but it has been proven to prolong life in mice by 24%. It was tested in mice of all ages and was found to be successful in all age groups but younger the mice more successful the therapy was because younger mice treated with this technique lived longer than older mice treated with this technique.

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